With constant threats to our environment, protecting it has become a moral duty. On pretext of the same, the world is observing the latest wedding trend in the form of eco-friendly weddings. If you are soon enough going to be planning out your wedding, you can consider going for this eco-friendly option of organizing a wedding that is unique and environment-friendly in every aspect. Reusable décor and biodegradable wedding materials are something that can help your wedding in going waste-free.

Here are some of the ways in which you can plan out an environment-friendly & a socially-conscious wedding for yourself:

  • Look for Biodegradable Things: If you wish to go organic on your wedding, you can start out with making use of biodegradable items including disposable vessels, utensils, and serveware. You can look out for brands or wedding caterers offering biodegradable options with the all-natural compositions including favor wrappings, food trays, and so more.


  • Select a Sustainable Wedding Venue: Not just materials, even your wedding venue can be environment-friendly and sustainable. You can opt for venues that are a beauty on their own and might require less décor to be included to them in the given celebration spot. Another great idea towards going for a sustainable wedding venue is to select a local area or wherever most of the wedding guests might be based. This can help in reducing the amount of fuel consumption.


  • Sending E-Cards: Saving paper is of vital importance if you wish to save trees. Therefore, most of the modern-age couples go for sending over e-cards as the form of invitation to the guests. With the advent of the smartphones & social media, it has become increasingly easier to send over electronic wedding cards specifying the important dates & venue of the wedding.


  • Go Local: You can take a step forward towards reducing your carbon footprints on your wedding day by hiring local vendors and wedding caterers. By doing so, you reduce the overall fuel consumption that might be incurred when you hire professionals based out of your wedding location. The same applies to hiring a local wedding photographer in Essex in order to save you additional expenses as well as usage of additional fuel for the transit. There are so many wedding photographers Essex to select from with varying prices too, you can definitely save and be more eco friendly.


  • Try Out Vintage: In addition to lending style & sentimentality to your wedding day, incorporating family special items or heirlooms that are already in your procession can cut down your consumption significantly. Whether you opt for wearing your mom’s wedding gown or putting your aunt’s vintage wedding jewelry to test, the overall repurposing will help in minimizing the things that you will be needing for the nuptials.


  • Get Thrifty: Research the local thrift stores and flea markets for purchasing forgotten treasures and offering them a second life as attractive wedding décor. You can look out for creative ideas online to decorate your wedding venue and tables in a quirky manner with such materials from the thrift markets locally.


Plan out a perfect eco-friendly wedding!

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